What did NASA's New Horizons discover around Pluto? Λήψη

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  • 28 იან. 2018

  • In 2015, NASA's New Horizons space probe whizzed by Pluto. Now it has sent back all of its data, what did it see and discover? https://brilliant.org/astrum/ In this video, I showcase the journey New Horizons took in order to get to Pluto, its moons, geological features, and Pluto's atmosphere. ************** A big thank you to brilliant.org for supporting this video. Sign up for free using the link above. That link will also get the first 200 subscribers 20% off a premium subscription to the website if you like what you see. ************** SUBSCRIBE for more videos about our other planets. Subscribe! http://goo.gl/WX4iMN Facebook! http://goo.gl/uaOlWW Twitter! http://goo.gl/VCfejs Donate! Patreon: http://goo.gl/GGA5xT Ethereum Wallet: 0x5F8cf793962ae8Df4Cba017E7A6159a104744038 Become a Patron today and support my channel! Donate link above. I can't do it without you. Thanks to those who have supported so far, especially: Aber And also: Servando Tariq Mulla Garthvater Milo Schuman Eli Birnbaum Solar Anamnesis Alexander Simpson Wolfgang Neuner Richard Smiles Flint Corey Patrick Ketaner Paul Bertin Shaheen Ghiassy Steven Rumpel Dermot Carthy Christina Schreiber Jesse Myles Doug Felt Shaheen Ghiassy Will DeRousse Guy Taylor Philip O'Duffy Uncle Vinny Thomas Burk Support to have your own name added to the list! Image Credits: NASA, Hubble, Space Engine, ESO Music Credits: Podington Bear - Arise Mark LaFountain - Equation


  • NobodyNowhereKnowhow
    NobodyNowhereKnowhow 2 წლის წინ

    Very informative video, but I do have a question. What was illuminating Pluto when we saw the dark side of the planet when you were showing us the layers, and for that matter the side when we saw the surface detail? I was always told(maybe wrongly so) that Pluto is so far out that our sun would appear as small as any other star we see in our night's sky so I thought that it would be awfully hard to see anything on Pluto, regardless of the side you were on in respect to the sun? Is this camera tricks with low light apertures or light amplifying electronics or computer enhancement? I'm not crying conspiracy, the photos in this video explicitly said they were enhanced, I understand, just wondering how much light they had to add while doing it and how they did it?

  • Michael Dlugosch
    Michael Dlugosch 1 წლის წინ

    Once the sun turns into a red giant, it will get so large that it will swallow Mercury, Venus and possibly Earth. And Pluto will be like 'Who's not a planet now?'

  • Jule Rulez
    Jule Rulez 2 თვის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    Sad story! Charon trying to find his lost heart and Pluto wont show it to him! And so Charon runs around trying to outmanoeuvre Pluto ever since :(

  • Accidental Mistake
    Accidental Mistake 8 თვის წინ


  • Brandon Bryson
    Brandon Bryson 7 თვის წინ

    Alan Stern was the man who headed the New Horizons project and gave a seminar at my college recently. Seeing him was amazing. He was pretty short, has mostly gray hair, and he crosses his legs when he sits. And this regular guy just studied like crazy, worked insanely, and worked on a team of other phenomenal people to send a spacecraft all the way to Pluto, a 9 year journey in space, and 17 years of build up before that. As a mechanical engineering student I was so inspired. Everything we discover has to be discovered by a person. We all have the amazing potential to do extraordinary things if we work together and give our best. Hopefully this isn’t the last time we get to see the planet with the heart.

  • Braindead Productions
    Braindead Productions 3 თვის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    "has a huge depression in the centre"

  • VisInvis
    VisInvis 2 წლის წინ

    When i was in school pluto was the 9th planet in our system and it was blue.

  • Enigma
    Enigma 2 თვის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    The Earthlings finally found me!

  • Morden Grey
    Morden Grey 9 თვის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    "Your mom thought I was big enough."

  • G
    G 7 თვის წინ

    We have the tech to see this, control rovers on another planet...but I can't get reception in my house? 👀

  • The_ Pro_Gamer
    The_ Pro_Gamer 3 თვის წინ

    Pluto welcomed New horizons with a heart emoji....

  • eyemall ears
    eyemall ears 1 წლის წინ

    You forgot to mention that the ashes of the man who discovered Pluto were put on board the probe so that he LITERALLY visited his discovery.

  • pumpkin
    pumpkin 8 თვის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    Aliens be like:

  • vgfx_labs
    vgfx_labs 8 თვის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    lonely in the darkness of space, underrated and forgotten for ages.. poor pluto.. we still love you ! ◔_◔

  • Tom Lodiers
    Tom Lodiers 2 თვის წინ

    Pluto and Charon are in love! They can’t look away from each other.

  • Harlee III
    Harlee III 10 თვის წინ

    Breath taking images. I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime.

  • Than Sar Productions
    Than Sar Productions 1 წლის წინ

    Pluto still has a big heart even after being rejected as a planet ;(

  • CharlyDeamen
    CharlyDeamen 10 თვის წინ

    That heart, I just love that heart-shaped splotch. I mean it's the most unique thing I've ever seen. More unique than Jupiter's storms and marbling, because they kind of make sense, you expect them there. But a heart-shaped splotch? That's just randomness making beauty.

  • robert perez
    robert perez 3 თვის წინ

    Does this mean that pluto is a planet again?

  • Cheetahgamer YT
    Cheetahgamer YT 5 თვის წინ