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  • 28 აპრ. 2018

  • An unexpected invite from the past opens the door to a whole lot of memories. How do Aarya, Deva, Dev and Gaurav react to the idea of going back where it all began? Watch episode 1 of #TheReunion to find out. #ZoomStyledbyMyntra #TheZoomStudios #ShopItAsYouWatchIt Zoom Store Link on Mnytra: Presented by Myntra: Gaurav styled by Louis Phillipe India Directed by Karishma Kohli Featuring: Sapna Pabbi Anuj Sachdeva Veer Rajwanth Singh Shreya Dhanwanthary


  • ThatVickeyGirl
    ThatVickeyGirl 2 წლის წინ

    Ooh loving this show so far 👌🏽👏🏽

  • Pratima Murmu
    Pratima Murmu 1 წლის წინ

    How many you guys watching this after holiday 😄🙋

  • Subha B
    Subha B 4 თვის წინ

    Who else watching this in quarantine????

  • Raihan Firdaus
    Raihan Firdaus 1 წლის წინ

    Who is here after watching

  • prasad wadekar
    prasad wadekar 2 წლის წინ

    Why that Dev sounds like Hrithik Roshan 😂...does any one thinks the same ?

  • Shruti Bhatnagar
    Shruti Bhatnagar 4 თვის წინ


  • SM Haleema
    SM Haleema 2 წლის წინ

    This reunion series is sooo good

  • Bhavika Budhdeo
    Bhavika Budhdeo 2 წლის წინ

    When is the next episode releasing??

  • Aaquib Al Aamien
    Aaquib Al Aamien 2 წლის წინ

    Why this dev sounds like hrithik

  • ARUNIMA Shukla
    ARUNIMA Shukla 2 წლის წინ

    sapna pabbi 's accent sounds like Priyanka chopra

  • Ridhima Joshi
    Ridhima Joshi 2 წლის წინ

    This series is so good ,I love it

  • Mayuresh Abhang
    Mayuresh Abhang 2 წლის წინ

    Already feeling all nostalgic.

  • Kartik Setia
    Kartik Setia 2 წლის წინ

    Can't really wait for the next episode. I' m feeling like I should have waited for all the episodes to come out and then binge watch because now I can't fucking wait for the next one, it's soooooooooooooooooo awesome.

  • Witty Scoop
    Witty Scoop 2 წლის წინ

    Am I the only one who thinks this guy sounds like Hrithik Roshan?

  • Gitartha P. Bhuyan
    Gitartha P. Bhuyan 2 წლის წინ


  • Shubham Gupta
    Shubham Gupta 2 წლის წინ

    When will the second episode is coming out?

  • Akash Shukla
    Akash Shukla 2 წლის წინ

    Loved it.

  • salma irshad
    salma irshad 2 წლის წინ

    Yeah yeah 😍😍😍😍

  • Jazmin
    Jazmin 1 წლის წინ

    I mean he's living a privileged life, being able to stay at home and "chase his dreams", the ass. How many can do that once they fall into the grind and realise they'd like to pursue something else? Watch your bloody game but pick up after yourself, it's as simple as that. She shouldn't be forced to endure the aftermath of your choices...

  • Ravi Ragate
    Ravi Ragate 2 წლის წინ

    Eagerly waiting for next episode.. Loved it very much...