Nana Ama McBrown, Christiana Awuni Others Show Up At Bishop Bernard Nyarko's One Week Celebration Λήψη

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  • 9 მაი. 2020

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  • Mariam Abdul
    Mariam Abdul 4 თვის წინ

    Nana please I beg of you in the name of our Almighty God don't swear over on our princesses Maxim again? Remember u r bless and will continue to be IJN . Am watching from Saudi Arabia

  • Ms Zag's Kitchen
    Ms Zag's Kitchen 4 თვის წინ

    I like the way Nana Ama reacted when she was rudely spoken too.. Maturity to the highest degree.. N its called respect.. Nana gye wo ✌️💯😍

  • Franchesca Asamoah
    Franchesca Asamoah 4 თვის წინ

    The mother asking if its nana Ama n asking her to come closer even shows she called her

  • Vida Yawson
    Vida Yawson 4 თვის წინ

    Nana Ama God will continue to bless you for your kind heart and maturity

  • Esther Baby
    Esther Baby 4 თვის წინ

    Nana is tooo matured,more love brim.

  • Empress Books
    Empress Books 4 თვის წინ

    Aww.. I can't still believe Bishop Benard Nyarko is gone 😭😭😭😭

  • Komphort Ampadu
    Komphort Ampadu 4 თვის წინ

    Oh Happy Mother's Day to Bishop's Mother...... No mother should bury her child... NEVER!

  • Gladys Afram Pentil
    Gladys Afram Pentil 4 თვის წინ

    They are acting as if Nana ama caused bishops death.Nana ama God will bless u paa.They want to destroy ur brand but it won't work koraa.

  • Nana akua Essel
    Nana akua Essel 4 თვის წინ

    Oooo maturity mama mcbrown

  • Afia Heming
    Afia Heming 4 თვის წინ

    This is so sad for everyone. And it’s so shameful how the presenter on Adom TV handled the interview with Nana AMA.

  • Mame Pokua
    Mame Pokua 4 თვის წინ


  • Aex Danso
    Aex Danso 4 თვის წინ

    Aww bishop ur mom is crying oo .hmm😔

  • Òbaapà Stinzy
    Òbaapà Stinzy 4 თვის წინ

    I taught they said mo gatherings


    Maxin Maame,Empress baako p3...Mo ✌✌✌😘

  • big girl Abigail
    big girl Abigail 4 თვის წინ

    May your soul rest in perfect place🙏 😭😭😭😭😭😥😥

  • Don Freddy
    Don Freddy 4 თვის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    Who was that rude guy asking Nana AMA and her people to leave cos they blocking the door Herrrr

  • maame Serwaa
    maame Serwaa 4 თვის წინ

    Due ne Amanehunu Bishop Nyarko.....

  • Angelina beauty
    Angelina beauty 4 თვის წინ

    hmm may his soul rip 😭😭

    MOMO TV 4 თვის წინ

    May he rest well. I hope the family will stop unnecessary granting interviews. The man was cools so allow him to rest.

  • sandra Amponsah
    sandra Amponsah 4 თვის წინ

    Maa christy you made me cry like a baby