Day in the life of a Salary Woman in Japan (Spring Time) Λήψη

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  • 16 მაი. 2020

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  • α т є l σ ƒ σ в ι α
    α т є l σ ƒ σ в ι α 1 თვის წინ

    YouTube: ¿quieres ver un video de la vida ideal de una chica japonesa linda aun que no entiendas ni un choto?

  • Vanessa Valdez
    Vanessa Valdez 4 თვის წინ

    This comment is dedicated to Rhea’s cute pajamas

  • A cuppa tea with Lucy
    A cuppa tea with Lucy 4 თვის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    I love how clean and tidy and modern everything looks in Japan. Public places in general just seem so respectful and considerate to its civilians. The calmness of your videos really comforts me.

  • Hazeleyeartist
    Hazeleyeartist 4 თვის წინ

    It's refreshing to actually see someone eat large amounts of food. Most of the vloggers I watch eat tiny little amounts of food and I feel like they must be starving after just drinking a kale smoothie for lunch.

  • Érika Sarrió Rodríguez
    Érika Sarrió Rodríguez 1 თვის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    He llegado a tu vídeo por alguna razón por casualidad... Me has animado mucho a perseguir mis sueños :) muchas gracias!

  • Ana Fernandes
    Ana Fernandes 3 თვის წინ

    Aí, aí queria ser uma mulher assalariada assim no Brasil!!!

  • Ramón González
    Ramón González 4 თვის წინ


  • kelvin .Alexander .Holguin
    kelvin .Alexander .Holguin 4 თვის წინ

    El desayuno mas delicioso.. que algun dia lo probare.!!♡♡!!

  • Ami Winehouse
    Ami Winehouse 1 თვის წინ

    Eres un gran ejemplo de una mujer alentadora, todas quisiéramos ser cómo vos....¡felicidades! Por tú valentía 🌹🥂

  • Nimra Shahid
    Nimra Shahid 4 თვის წინ

    Literally just before opening youtube I was thinking where is rhea? Why has she not posted in a while now! I was so hoping to find your video. And I did. I am so happy you posted. I have been waiting from long. Now I am gonna watch. 💖💖

  • Sharon Kim
    Sharon Kim 4 თვის წინ

    Am I the only one that's amazed by her "pan handle" (idk what to call it lolol)??

  • Débora Wro
    Débora Wro 3 თვის წინ

    A vida é corrida em qq parte do mundo 🌍 ser feliz é ir ao encontro dela ❤️🌹🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Dipalika Lal
    Dipalika Lal 4 თვის წინ

    So glad Rhea that you posted a video. Yes just like the rest even I waited. I'm so happy to see you and James. Once again a lovely and inspiring video. I have always thought of going to Switzerland not to settle but to visit perhaps. You showed us so many beautiful flowers. I'm a lover of nature and I enjoyed this video so much. The Sakura tree is beautiful. Stay safe Rhea and James. Lots of love and prayers for you both.

  • Mochi; UwU
    Mochi; UwU 3 კვირის წინ

    Que lindo paisaje hay en Japón ;^;

  • Imelda lucia Espinosa orea
    Imelda lucia Espinosa orea 3 კვირის წინ

    Si, con constancia los sueños se logran. Gané viaje a Japón en el año 2018 y me gustó mucho !!!

  • Melds Villanueva
    Melds Villanueva 4 თვის წინ

    My husband and I started nothing here when we arrived here in California. I worked hard and it took me 10 years to reached my goal. I became a Supervisor for Manpower and Personnel Division working for DoD.

  • Ana Claudia
    Ana Claudia 4 თვის წინ (რედაქტირებული)

    Amo seu canal Rhea ,me traz paz e felicidade e mostra o quanto a simplicidade é maravilhosa 😍😍 bjs do Brasil 🤗

  • Life~Tempest
    Life~Tempest 4 თვის წინ

    I'm glad your husband finally found a job😊🌻

  • Daniela Hurtado
    Daniela Hurtado 4 თვის წინ

    I would watch a 10 hour video of your entire week meals very gladly 3

  • Dalila Severiano Da Silva
    Dalila Severiano Da Silva 4 კვირის წინ

    Oi estou assistindo seu canal pela primeira vez