BWIINO ku sente za NSSF, ababaka bafunye enguzi okuziremesa Λήψη

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  • 17 მაი. 2020

  • Ababaka ba NRM bafunye enguuzi okuremesa abakoozi okufuna sente za NSSF 317 NRM members of parliament who voted for the age limit Amendment Bill have allegedly been given Shs40 million each from the Government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa. This comes shortly after Parliament has been criticized by different individuals including President Museveni over controversial UGX10b Covid-19 money they had allocated themselves. Court also ordered legislators to return the money. The MPs who are said to have received money are those who voted for the presidential age limit removal from the constitution. Addressing a news conference at parliament, legislators including the MP for Lwemiyaga county Theodore Ssekikubo, Kumi district MP Monica Amoding, Kalungu West legislator Joseph Ssewungu and Ntungamo municipality MP Gerald Karuhanga alleged that the 317 members of parliament are receiving Shs100 million in total. Ssewungu alleged that this is a bribe to the MPs to block the NSSF Bill which is seeking to allow depositors of NSSF to access 20 percent of their savings before the mandatory retirement age. Hon Monica said, “They also said that even some members of NRM who voted for the age limit but recently defended the speaker Rebeca Kadaga against presidents attack on the speak are being omitted from the those going to get this money.” Ssekikibo noted “The group demand the government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa and Bukoli central member of parliament Solomon Silwany who were reported to have distributed this money MPs at katikati Restaurant to explain the source of this money.” Karuhanga vowed to go back to court and challenge the money given to MPs as he did on the COVID-19 Shs20 million. Let us Stay Home and Discover more in Uganda from here : For more INSIDE STORY in UGANDA click here - - BWIINO MU UGANDA - - OLUGAMBO/GOSSIP/WOLOKOSO - - TRENDING NEWS IN UGANDA - - KIRI KU RECORD - - KALABALABA - - TAMALE MIRUNDI - You can also find us on -Facebook -Twitter -Instagram Join our mailing list to stay in the loop and Discover Uganda ABOUT DISCOVER UGANDA - Welcome to the official Discover Uganda Youtube channel, On this channel you be informed of what is happening in the pearl of Africa,history of Uganda, her neighbouring East African countries and the world over. We are dedicated to informing, teaching and sensitizing all fellow Ugandans. On our channel we feature prominent journalists in Uganda who have amassed alot of knowledge during their time as journalists and to mention a few these include Hajji Kalule Sulaiman, Dr. Sam Kazibwe, Isaac Katende, Mr. Tamale Mirundi, Mr Sonko Musa to mention but afew.


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    My brother Kalule , thank you very much for this wonderful show. Let’s keep praying for bleeding Uganda. It’s a private Company

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    I was much suprised when the mi ister for agriculture was interviewed on the money he took he was not responsive to the questions. These people are after money

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    Mr Kalule thanks for the program, I did ask you before and I ask you again kindly to pray for bleeding Uganda and Ugandans, during this Ramadan Kareem, Asalaam Waleikum Amina 🙏

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    They will pay back, fool ur selves but time will decide shameless ,heartless pipo who fill their own stomach

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